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I am soooooo growing out of this blog, Webkinz, and most of the stuff I write on here. I’m going through a difficult time and blogging isn’t a part of it. I HATE having to be different on my blog and not show who I am, like, personality…yeah I seem like a good girl, but my personality is so much. And when I write on this blog, I’m giving away pieces of myself. I want someone to talk to, to tell my problems. And, like, no comment on the posts. I just really don’t CARE about my blog anymore. OK, these are the last problems and triumphs that I’m telling you.
-I got kicked out of History because I forgot my stupid freaking book and planner. I hate this teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was last Wednesday.
-Last Thursday I got an A+ in Singing (Music Class) and I was told I should make something out of my voice. My teacher has an ANGEL’S voice. That is the best compliment she could make to me.
-I watched Pirates of the Caribbean! Yay! I’m watching PotC2 on Sunday
-I’m having a super sleepover with my two BFFs which will probably be a disaster because (see below)
-A girl named L in our class got kicked out of her Science project group by R, K, and S (BFF) because she forgot something twice. First time, her printer was broken, and she wasn’t lying!!! Second, she was sick. She got a D- even when she offered to do something extra. She started crying today because K screamed at her about how she was horrible, had earned the F, copied people’s homework because she always forgot it, was always late, and no wonder she doesn’t have friends. Anyway, I was comforting her with my friends G and M, and S wasn’t there. When I came in, she got mad, cause she was in the group that kicked L out, and she said we’re making it sound like it’s all her fault. Then she demanded to know what L had said about her. I said I wasn’t telling her, it was L’s own business. She said, come on, I told you what happened to M (long story) so tell me. I said, yes, that was your choice now good-bye. 😦 That’s the first big fight we’ve ever had.
I love you all. Bye.

UPDATE!!!! Whoa, slow go! I have a new blog the URL is http://www.purplefan132.wordpress.com all about me so PLEASE visit both of my blogs, thanx!